Adult Forum

06/23/2019, 9:15 AM to 10:15 AM

Weekly on Sunday

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Adult Forum

The Adult Forum serves as a vehicle for theological education, a platform to discuss civic and cultural events and a way to keep ourselves current on the issues we face as Christians and members of Holy Communion in the larger society.


Summer Schedule  

June 9 Foodies & Farmers
Chris Peterson is the kind of foodie who loves soil, seeds
and sustainability! He will talk about the organic and farmto-
table movement in Memphis, including the Bring Food
Hub that Holy Communion supports and his own work
helping once-homeless veterans produce crops for their own
use and farmers’ markets.

June 16 - July 7
Journey through the Apocrypha

Hester and Jonathan are bringing the Apocrypha to us,
those rarely read books and stories that were mostly excluded
from the Protestant Bible and include the story of Bel
and the Dragon, Maccabees and the long-lost Psalm 151.
We’ll read, learn and inwardly digest them together.

Sandy’s Greatest Hits July 14 - 28
Father Sandy is reprising some of his favorite lectures
for this hot summertime series!
Each lecture is independent, so feel free to drop
in around your summer travel schedule. The common
denominator will be Sandy on topics he loves!
July 14 Angels Unexpected
Angels are described in similar terms in both scripture
and literature. After we get a feel for the terminology,
and with Sandy’s insight, we’ll have a sense of who these
often-winged creatures are and where we might encounter

July 21 Sinning Together

Through the lens of Rienhold Niebuhr, an American
theologian who suggested we sin both as individuals and
through our social institutions, Sandy will help us look
at our structures and systems and their power.

July 28 The 21st Century Heresy

Here’s an argument that individualisn is the biggest
theological misunderstanding of modern time.

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