I know that by giving to Holy Communion, I am giving to a very diverse community | Brandy Parrish Wade

For me, stewardship is first and foremost an expression of gratitude for the immeasurable blessings that God has given me.    One of those blessings is the community of faith that I have found at Holy Communion.  The faith community at this church has been loving; It is accepting of those who are the same and those who are different; It is charitable; It is generous; It is civic- minded. I could go on but I will, instead, share an example.... Read More
at Sunday, October 16, 2016
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Giving not a chore but a grateful response to God's goodness

I have been involved in Stewardship Sunday for many years. In the early days of this church, members called on each other in their homes. While giving as a response to God's blessings was always a part of the stewardship message, there was also much emphasis on the needs of Church of the Holy Communion and its growing congregation. As the parish grew, personal visits became difficult. So changes were made. But the message didn't change. In my own journey of faith, I have become aware... Read More
at Wednesday, October 12, 2016
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I give because Holy Communion feeds me | Stewardship reflection by Charlton Lyons

I give because Holy Communion feeds me. Physically - not only with “bread alone” but with the exercise I get from the Book It 5K. With Julie Fike’s and Robert Propst's help and patience, I now have a regular exercise regime that physically feeds my health. Socially - from our many gatherings on Sundays, Wednesday nights and special events like the parish picnic. Emotionally - Dianne and I have been on the receiving end of pastoral care and know how... Read More
at Wednesday, October 5, 2016
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