All God’s Children Have a Place in the Choir

I prayed twice last month. In truth, I prayed more than twice last month, but I prayed once in a way that counted for two: I joined the choir.   There’s an old saw – sometimes attributed to St. Augustine, sometimes to St. Francis – that “he who sings prays twice.” When we sing our words, they become more meaningful and more beautiful than when we speak them. We pray the words and we pray the song – two for one.  Music has been a part of divine... Read More
Posted by The Reverend Sandy Webb at Monday, January 28, 2019
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He's Super busy managing the church's $8 million project

Jeff Porter, superintendent of the church’s $8 million renovation project, is on the job site an hour before the first worker shows up at 7 a.m., going over the day’s work in the pre-dawn darkness. His office is carved into a nook in Blaisdell. Instead of a construction trailer removed from the racket of progress, the din happens all around him, including overhead, every day. Until the project is enclosed, there is no heat in the winter nor air-conditioning in the summer. ... Read More
Posted by Jane Roberts at Wednesday, January 9, 2019
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A simple psalm for tangled days

By Connie Cruthirds Good morning, God. Thank you for this new day. For the beauty of the dark morning light And the love of possibility. There’s hope in my heart, Playfulness in these eyes, Yet I hold my breath to see what the state around me will be. I am hostage to truths I don’t want to see. We each “got” something ~ Something real, Something tight, Something to weave into a noose that stops our breath with fear. We all got something that races our... Read More
at Sunday, January 6, 2019
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