He's Super busy managing the church's $8 million project

Jeff Porter, superintendent of the church’s $8 million renovation project, is on the job site an hour before the first worker shows up at 7 a.m., going over the day’s work in the pre-dawn darkness. His office is carved into a nook in Blaisdell. Instead of a construction trailer removed from the racket of progress, the din happens all around him, including overhead, every day. Until the project is enclosed, there is no heat in the winter nor air-conditioning in the summer. ... Read More
Posted by Jane Roberts at Wednesday, January 9, 2019
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A simple psalm for tangled days

By Connie Cruthirds Good morning, God. Thank you for this new day. For the beauty of the dark morning light And the love of possibility. There’s hope in my heart, Playfulness in these eyes, Yet I hold my breath to see what the state around me will be. I am hostage to truths I don’t want to see. We each “got” something ~ Something real, Something tight, Something to weave into a noose that stops our breath with fear. We all got something that races our... Read More
at Sunday, January 6, 2019
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"Christ was born to love you"

Isaiah 52:7-10; Psalm 98; Hebrews 1:1-4,(5-12); John 1:1-14   Words are hard. They’re dependent utterly on hearing, context and history. The subtext and impact of a word may be totally different between how you hear it and how I hear it. The Epistle of James even famously calls the tongue “a restless evil” so aware was he of the power of words to sow discord in misunderstanding and become weapons in malice. That’s why clear communication is so critical to... Read More
at Thursday, December 27, 2018
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Emotions don't follow liturgical calendar

In the hospital where I served as chaplain last year, in which I cared for the emotional and spiritual needs of patients, family, and staff, just a few hours of work could mean jarring emotional experiences. I could go from one visit with a patient who had just received the news of their worst fear being realized, to another room next with someone who was responding so well to medicine they were getting to go home earlier than expected. I could go from offering a blessing over a newborn baby... Read More
Posted by Jane Roberts at Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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Stained glass will bring art, grace to Children's Chapel

Part of being a rector means making connections with people, with resources, even antiques! When a private collector last spring asked the diocese’s Bishop and Council board to sell him several old, stained glass windows, Sandy Webb couldn’t stop thinking of the possibilities. “I was a member of the Council at the time, and I was proud of our decision to retain the windows for sacred use rather than selling them. I then started looking for a sacred use at Church of the Holy... Read More
Posted by Jane Roberts at Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Prime Timers heading to Rossville on Saturday

By Carol Paterson When the Prime Timers named their October event “A Day in the Country,” the intent was to create a relaxing day away from the city. In farming communities, days of relaxation came after everyone had worked together.   Our plan for the Prime Timers’ trip to Rossville is to gather friends for food, fun and fellowship reminiscent of “Sunday Dinner on the Grounds.” Join us as we return to another era this Saturday in the Rossville... Read More
Posted by Jane Roberts at Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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Teen's spirit glows in Pooch Olympics

Marshall McGahey, 13, runs on the St. Mary’s cross-country team this fall; she’s a new aunt to twins and somewhere in the few minutes between school and homework, she’s planned her Fourth Annual Pooch Olympics. Not only does that mean the doggie obstacle course the McGaheys store in the garage and attic was unpacked and carried out, but this year, Marshall was determined to raise $7,000 for the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County in the carnival she stages in the... Read More
Posted by Jane Roberts at Wednesday, September 12, 2018
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Restored with spiritual glue

By Connie Cruthirds Since I was a little girl, Labor Day weekend has always meant the end of summer. School began, white shoes were put away, and long play days were over. I remember that almost every year from kindergarten on, teachers would ask us to share something about our summer break. My five-year-old self was learning early that reflection on where I’d been might help me find my way to where I was going next. When the summer of 2018 began, I wasn’t sure about much... Read More
Posted by Jane Roberts at Sunday, September 2, 2018
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Convention dispatch from Andy Cobb, deputy

At this convention, I serve on the legislative committee on Social Justice and U.S. Policy. This morning (July 9) I started off at 7:30 with yet another hearing and committee meeting on the topics of immigration and sanctuary churches, which are getting a good deal of... Read More
Posted by Jane Roberts at Wednesday, July 11, 2018
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Canon Davis finds convention discourse vigorous, respectful

From General Convention Day 6 July 10, 2018   Dear sisters and brothers: This is my seventh General Convention and I am honored to once again serve occasionally as a deputy. Gary Meade is taking a much-deserved afternoon off from the floor of convention, and I am attempting to channel Gary’s wisdom and good judgment.   In 2009, I attended my last General Convention as a deputy from the Diocese of Mississippi, which had been my... Read More
Posted by Jane Roberts at Wednesday, July 11, 2018
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Being a disciple is being in place to serve

     A big surprise in our Gospel reading today: Jesus was not accepted in his hometown of Nazareth. Not even his own family acknowledged him as a prophet and healer in the very place where he most deserved it. You’d think they would all be bursting with pride at his accomplishments, and welcome him home with open arms and loving hearts. After all, he had just come from performing several miracles in surrounding cities: He had cast out the unclean spirits from the... Read More
Posted by Jane Roberts at Tuesday, July 10, 2018
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Randy McCloy's homily for Father Don Mowery's funeral

Homily for Donald Edgar Mowery St. Mary’s Cathedral June 16, 2018      Donald Edgar Mowery, “Father Don”, was a loving and devoted husband, Episcopal priest, organizer, healer, and advocate for children; he was a true shepherd, following in the footsteps of that Great Shepherd of the sheep, Jesus Christ. Most of you are undoubtedly familiar with his life of accomplishments, and probably witnessed personally many of his successes, which were... Read More
Posted by Jane Roberts at Wednesday, June 27, 2018
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It must be exhausting to be needed only in a crisis

Reflection, GOD IS EXHAUSTED, Daniel P. Amsler CHC 5:30 pm Contemplative Service, 6/24/18, Mark 4:35-41 A few months ago here at Holy Communion, Father Greg Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, spoke to us. For 30 years he has directed the largest and most effective ministry/enterprise to the nation’s largest gang region. In his ministry, Father Boyle has conducted thousands of Masses in detention centers and jails. He always has one of the inmates... Read More
Posted by Jane Roberts at Monday, June 25, 2018
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Dispatches from Houston, Part II

On Tuesday night, the group got the opportunity to go to the Astros game. It was nice to take a break from all of our hard work. By the end of the second inning, it was 6-0, and the Mariners were winning; however, we continued to cheer on the home team, except for Brandon, who was just trying to annoy the fans. Even though the Astros lost 7-1, we all had a blast. We went back to the treehouse (Christ Church Cathedral’s nickname for the youth space where we were staying) and hung... Read More
Posted by Jane Roberts at Thursday, June 14, 2018
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Houston, we're on a mission!

Our car ride down to Houston was not bad at all. Despite almost getting rammed into, we had deep conversations and caught up with our lives. Tess came back from college and Matt was moving on with his life. We talked about old friends, what we’re doing for the summer, and what blessings are set to come ahead like Matt’s marriage. The car ride did not take as long as we thought because we had so many conversations.  I only slept for the last two hours of the ride!... Read More
Posted by Jane Roberts at Wednesday, June 6, 2018
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