A Day at Camp Able

On June 16, parishioners, staff and clergy from Holy Communion drove to St. Columba Episcopal Conference and Retreat Center to volunteer for Camp Able, a special weeklong program hosted by St. Columba for young people with varying disabilities.

Cindy McMillion, who attends Holy Communion and founded the blog ConnectingMemphis.com, interviewed a number of the campers and staffers. Here is one of their stories (it can be found on Connecting Memphis here).

"My brother had the same disease I have: cerebral palsy. He died 2 days after birth. He was my same age; he was my twin. My granddad died too. He was a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy, but he died when he was 75, so he didn't have time to tell me about his career. My dad knows lot of military stuff because of my granddad though, so he tells me. I want to be in the military too. I like to do military drills and I know all the ranks. I plan to be the first in my family to get to the rank of Admiral. The military has all this super awesome physical training too and I need it badly at this age. As you can see, I’m super scrawny.

"I want to design a hybrid battleship / aircraft carrier / submarine that can carry fighter planes, missiles, torpedoes, and sonobuoys. Hopefully, we won’t be having another war by the time I grow up, but we might, based on the situations in the news. We need to be ready just in case."

Find more photos from Camp Able on our Facebook page and in the July issue of The Communicator.


Posted by Cara Modisett at 8:00 AM
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