I give because Holy Communion feeds me | Stewardship reflection by Charlton Lyons

I give because Holy Communion feeds me.

Physically - not only with “bread alone” but with the exercise I get from the Book It 5K. With Julie Fike’s and Robert Propst's help and patience, I now have a regular exercise regime that physically feeds my health.

Socially - from our many gatherings on Sundays, Wednesday nights and special events like the parish picnic.

Emotionally - Dianne and I have been on the receiving end of pastoral care and know how much those prayers and cards mean and how much they help.

Intellectually - through thought-provoking Sunday formation, small groups, men’s Bible study and the variety of guest speakers.

Holy Communion especially feeds me spiritually through the beautiful music, liturgy, sermons and the relationships I have with so many of you. My faith is stronger. For me, Holy Communion is a blessing. At Sunday worship, when Sandy tells us he loves us so very much, it rings clear and true to me. There is not time to explain, but for me, and maybe for many of you, there are occasions when the presence of the holy spirit is palpable. If God is present then this is a holy place. That’s why I give.

I give because of all that I receive, not out of obligation, though there is one, but out of desire and thanksgiving.

The Church of the Holy Communion helps me be a better person, helps me to grow into the person God created me to be. That’s why I give.

Holy Communion makes life better. That’s why I give.

Holy Communion makes life better. That’s why I give.

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