I know that by giving to Holy Communion, I am giving to a very diverse community | Brandy Parrish Wade

For me, stewardship is first and foremost an expression of gratitude for the immeasurable blessings that God has given me.   

One of those blessings is the community of faith that I have found at Holy Communion. 

The faith community at this church has been loving; It is accepting of those who are the same and those who are different; It is charitable; It is generous; It is civic- minded. I could go on but I will, instead, share an example.  

You may recall that Holy Communion participated in an Urban Pilgrimage with the Emmanuel Center this past spring.  Part of the pilgrimage was a day of shared service at the Emmanuel Center.  While I was there, I had a conversation with one of the Emmanuel Center board members, who also works at the center. 

She told me (and this was completely unsolicited and off the topic we were discussing) how much the people at the Emmanuel Center love Holy Communion and in particular, Sandy.  She shared that Sandy is very sincere and that when he visits the center, you can tell that he really cares about the people there and that he always treats them like they are "as good as" anyone else.  

That has been my experience with Holy Communion. 

I give to Holy Communion because of what it has given to me and, more importantly because of what Holy Communion gives to our community.   I believe that God expects us to share our blessings with others, and not just our friends and family but the community as a whole and those with whom we may have the least in common.  I know that by giving to Holy Communion, I am giving to a very diverse community. 

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