Living Deeply into Not-Knowing

Monday evening at the end of our EfM (Education for Ministry) group at St. George’s Episcopal Church led by Verlinda Henning and Gerry Brent, Verlinda urged us to walk with Jesus this week, as if we are walking next to him, experiencing the emotions, the darkness, the pain, the fear, as if we don’t know what will happen. We don’t know.

We all left the room in silence under the weight of her words. It’s true, we don’t know. I feel urged to live deeply into that not-knowing. We don’t know whether that big decision will be the right one. We don’t know that our friend, a mom of two young boys, will suddenly be diagnosed with cancer. We don’t know whether we will get that job, whether people will treat us fairly. We don’t know what will happen to Jesus this week.

There is so much going on in our world right now, it’s essential to pause and listen to the still small voice. When things seem to be going haywire, think about what does work in your life. Let’s say you have a refrigerator that works. You have skin to protect you. The sun is shining. You have a car that works. You have breath. There are such things as airplanes and televisions and waterparks. There are such things as ants that carry away their dead.

There are times of reaping and times of sowing. There are times of waiting. Now might not be the time to move apartments, houses, or cities, or to change jobs. Not yet. There is growth that comes in waiting.

And when it is our time, when our time has come, then we’ll know and there will be joy and strength in that change. There will be resurrection.

Pause and listen. We don’t know. Not now. And that’s okay.


Posted by Joan Biddle at 1:08 PM
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