Prayers for Peace (Holy Land Pilgrimage, Dispatch from Bill and Carmine Vaughan)

We left the states in the midst of Presidential primaries, where debaters had no patience for compromise, reason or negotiated settlements, and we arrived in Israel to see people separated by twenty-foot walls, barbed-wire fences, people not speaking the same language.

At the College of St. George, we were greeted by an Anglican staff who spoke of reconciliation and prayed for peace for all mankind. The devoted staff of Christians accept people exactly as they are and are prayerfully optimistic that peace will prevail; they set an example by speaking boldly of the need for peace.

The following day we attended another Anglican church whose congregation is predominantly Arab Christian. The prayers and the entire service asked for peace for all people and a safe resolution to the problems of the region.

The Anglican Church is a tiny percentage of the religious community in Israel, but its message of reconciliation is an inspiration and a beacon of light in a troubled world desperate for hope and courage.

Posted by Cara Modisett at 8:00 AM
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