Timeless Significance

In December, the vestry approved a design for a new dossal curtain and centerpiece for our renovated nave; it will take the place of our current dossal curtain later this year.

Our recent nave renovation project included efforts to restore our historic dossal curtain, which was a gift from Calvary Church on our opening day in 1950. However, deterioration due to dry rot in the dossal curtain’s silk fibers was more than anyone expected; the current piece is beyond repair. 

Fleming Architects recommended that Holy Communion engage consultants with deep Episcopal roots to guide us on the creation of a timeless, reverent centerpiece for our renovated nave. The vestry engaged Mel Ahlborn of Illumination Studio in San Francisco and Patrick Boylan of Grace Liturgical Vestments in New York to consult on this important project.

The new dossal centerpiece will include two main elements: The first is a blue damask curtain with gold bands, designed and fabricated by Boylan. This new curtain will be similar to our current dossal curtain, but constructed with blended fabrics to extend its life and will include a central velvet panel. The second element is a mixed-media central cross, designed by Ahlborn under the direction of the Church Renovations Committee and fabricated in her studio. The cross is filled with Christian symbolism and has been carefully designed to honor the core values that have guided all of Holy Communion’s renovations – faithfulness, simplicity and grace.

Our historic dossal curtain will be commemorated in an oil painting that will be displayed in the church building, and prints will be available for parishioners. The current dossal curtain will be placed in storage for the time being and ultimately interred reverently on the church grounds.

The creation and installation of these beautiful works of art is being funded largely by memorials and honoraria that Holy Communion has received over the years. Additional contributions to the Memorials Fund are welcome.

The Reverend Sandy Webb is available to answer any questions that parishioners may have about this project.

Posted by Emily Austin at 9:06 AM
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