We Walk Sightless Among Miracles

(Editor's note: Charlton Lyons wrote this to his fellow members of the Peppers, the early-morning running group at Holy Communion, after reflecting on a meditation from Berry Simpson.)

Hello, friends,

A week or so ago I had an experience that is relevant to Berry Simpson’s reflection that Robert sent for tomorrow.  I want to share it tonight so I don’t monopolize the conversation tomorrow morning.

Attached is a picture of part of our back yard. Although I have walked down that path many times, I saw it from a different perspective early last week, before Robert’s email with the reflection and certainly before the heat wave hit. That new perspective relates to Brry Simpson’s reflection of seeing God without even knowing it.  The Bible has many of these experiences.  Even last Sunday in the Old Testament lesson, Jacob says, 'Was God here, and I did not even know it?'

Here is my experience. Dianne had moved a loveseat to a place that looked down this path. I had never sat there until early last week. I was having coffee about 6-6:30 that morning and decided I would sit in the loveseat.  I looked at how beautiful the path and flowers were with the sun coming up. It was quiet and still because it was so early. Perhaps because I was sitting,  I had never experienced this path and garden like I did that morning even though I had walked down it hundreds of time. I felt good with the job Dianne and I had done. We do all of our own gardening. Then I went beyond that and thought about how beautiful was God’s creation and that our garden was part of that creation.

All of a sudden, I felt like this was a holy place. I just sat back and enjoyed the precious moment. Maybe it was the quiet that early in the morning. Maybe it was knowing Dianne and I created this space. But maybe it was as Berry Simpson says “we walk sightless among miracles.”

Berry starts with the questions, “Does that sort of thing come naturally for human beings created by God in his own image? Or is it a thirst we develop through spiritual practices? Or could it be a completely free gift from God?"

See you tomorrow.



Posted by Jane Roberts at 1:29 PM
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