In 1953, St. Mary's Episcopal School accepted Church of the Holy Communion's invitation to make its permanent home at Perkins and Walnut Grove, and for 65 years, the church and school have forged a relationship based on trust and cooperation. Thanks, in part, to the strong partnership and goodwill developed by Head of School Albert Throckmorton and the Reverend Sandy Webb, rector of Church of the Holy Communion, the timing is right for both institutions to move forward with a much-needed, long-awaited athletic and wellness center. The church will provide the land, share a portion of the construction costs and benefit from use of the new gymnasium as well as rooms solely dedicated to its programs. The school will construct the building and have exclusive use of the first floor. It will also occupy the gymnasium and most of the second floor during school hours.

The athletic and wellness center will be used daily by every student in the middle and upper schools. The new dining hall, located on the first floor, will separately accommodate the entire middle and upper school, allowing students and faculty to gather for meals, meetings and collaborative learning and study. The first floor will also include classrooms, athletic offices, a training and fitness facility, and an outdoor patio for track and field spectators. The second floor will feature the new gymnasium, locker rooms, a spirit store, concession stand and the St. Mary's Athletic Hall of Fame.

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