Whoever you are and wherever you might be in your spiritual pilgrimage, we welcome you to explore the spiritual life with us and journey with us as fellow pilgrims. Church of the Holy Communion is a growing community of people from a variety of backgrounds – some are lifelong Episcopalians, others are new to the Episcopal Church, and some are from different faith traditions.       

Some people are particularly drawn to our ancient worship, which we hope is fresh, embracing and inclusive. Others sense the love of God in our very intentional care for one another – pastoral care here is not just the professional responsibility of the clergy but is something we all take seriously as a community.     

Many of us sense that God is most powerfully present when we engage with those who are poor and marginalized, and the result is a community-wide determination to make a difference in the world.

Others who call this church “home” are people who are drawn to our serious educational offerings – we believe that taking the spiritual life seriously does not mean disengaging the mind. Church of the Holy Communion is an incubator of faith for small children, a safe and encouraging environment for youth in their journey to adulthood and an increasingly diverse fellowship of adults who are being fed, supported and commissioned by the love of God. There is a place for you here.   

Our hope is that if you choose to join us on our spiritual journey at Church of the Holy Communion, you will feel at home. The best way to see what it’s all about is simply to join in any of our worship services or activities and programs. And if you want to learn more about something, just ask. This parish church exists for you. We are all fellow travelers and members of the same family of God. No one belongs in this community more than you. 

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