Koziel inducted in state music teachers' Hall of Fame

Ellen Koziel, head of the church’s children’s choirs, received the Hall of Fame Award this spring from the Tennessee Music Educators Association, a group of nearly 2,000 music teachers in public and private elementary, middle and high schools, plus colleges, across the state. Koziel, who retired in 2015 from Shelby County Schools after teaching elementary music 31 years, taught thousands of children in that time and also helped hundreds of teachers improve their skills as a... Read More
Posted by Jane Roberts at Wednesday, Jun 21
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Organ Plays Role in Acoustics Puzzle

Behind a secret, sliding panel in the choir loft stands a world unto itself, a cross aesthetically, between a treehouse and a densely-packed wine cellar. Except there’s nothing remotely consumable here, unless you like the idea of organ music about to descend. If you do, the hundreds of metal and wooden pipes are the stuff of dreams, cascading in graduated heights and widths in a dizzying array of precision and order and standing testament to the evolution of  man-made music, at... Read More
Posted by Jane Roberts at Monday, Jun 19
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Bishop's steadfastness, vision and wit central to where we are today _ Letter from the Reverend Sandy Webb

Dear Friends, Late last week, Bishop Don Johnson sent a message to the Diocese of West Tennessee calling for the election of his successor, which signals his plan to retire. Out of love for the Diocese, and in keeping with tradition, he has agreed to remain in office until his successor is elected and consecrated, a process that usually takes about eighteen months. Bishop Johnson remains in charge until that time. Since 2001, Bishop Johnson has shepherded the Diocese of West Tennessee... Read More
Posted by Jane Roberts at Sunday, Jun 18
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Vestry sets course with new priorities

In late May, the Vestry voted to focus on ‘’four priorities that will define both how it budgets money and how it shapes its presence in a city of need. After several months of discussion and refinement, it has chosen to focus on hospitality, worship, service and learning, finding in the matrix a way to help others, minister to the parish, welcome the stranger and continue the congregation’s yen for meaningful formation. “This is what we are committing ourselves to... Read More
Posted by Jane Roberts at Thursday, Jun 1
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