A Message from the Rector: Unauthorized Bank Transactions

Dear Friends,   Over the last few days, Church of the Holy Communion has received reports of unauthorized bank transactions being made in the church’s name. As of this writing, none of the reports have come from people who are known to be affiliated with our parish in any way.   We investigated this matter promptly and thoroughly. Our bank has confirmed that there have not been unusual transactions of any kind in any of our accounts. Further, our network... Read More
Posted by The Reverend Sandy Webb at Monday, Aug 30
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20 Religious Groups Work Together to Help Families in Crisis

By Emily Woodside In 2019, Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association – better-known as MIFA – received 11,000 requests for help with utilities and rent. That number tripled to 33,000 during 2020, due to the pandemic. Both years, MIFA was able to keep people in their homes by providing more families with utility assistance, in part through funds donated by individuals and organizations through its Plus-1 Program. Plus-1 is a partnership between MIFA and MLGW that provides utility... Read More
at Sunday, Aug 1
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