Holy Communion part of Team Read victory at Shady Grove

Second-graders at Shady Grove Elementary scored an impressive win with sight words, those one-syllable words that are mighty predictors of school success.

Last school year, in a feat school principal Kiersten Schnacke attributes to tutors from Holy Communion, second-graders who received tutoring learned 290 sight words, about 260  more than the previous year’s second-graders, with the help of Holy Communion tutors and a program called Team Read.

Shady Grove is our adopted school.

The success has the feel of a gold medal at Shady Grove, where teachers are gearing up for another year of working with our tutors.

 “First of all,  thank you so much to all the volunteers from Team Read that came to help our students,” said Susan Groppe, one of the teachers in last year’s second grade-grade class.

“It really showed a lot of growth. For many of the students, it was so important to have an adult come in to help them with their reading.”

Research shows that one of the biggest predictors of who will be incarcerated is difficulty with reading. In Shelby County Schools, nearly seven out of 10 third-graders do not read on grade level. Statistics, you may not be surprised to learn, show that seven out of ten prisoners can’t read.

Shelby County Schools would like to get 1,000 volunteers and 10,000 donated books in a Team Read campaign it is kicking off now.

If you would like to tutor through the church, contact Christy Yarbro, christyyarbro@gmail.com



Posted by Jane Roberts at 2:59 PM
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