New FAQs Regarding Nave Renovation

When will we be back in the Nave?

While specific construction schedules can be hard to predict, we anticipate a grand re-entry into the Nave on Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020.


Has there been a delay?

The Nave was built before parishioners expected it to be air conditioned, which means that it was never designed to accommodate ductwork or cooling equipment. It has taken time to design a system that will be efficient, quiet, and easy to maintain.


Why do we have workmen on the roof?

The vestry is committed to improving both our infrastructure and aesthetics. The Nave is getting a new roof (with a 50-year warranty!) and new windows, along with new electrical and plumbing systems. Some of the most important improvements we have made to our buildings will not be visible. 


Will we be able to renovate the Narthex?

Yes, and the Chancel and Sacristy too.


How are we doing financially?

On the revenue side, our capital campaign exceeded every expectation and payments are coming in ahead of schedule. On the expense side, the vestry has worked hard to control costs while also ensuring that all of our renovations are done completely and well. When the whole project is complete – Blaisdell and Greenwood, Cheney, the Nave, and the Athletic & Wellness Center –we expect that we will have a gap of about $950,000, a little less than 8% of the total project cost. The vestry takes that gap very seriously and is already working on plans to address it. The timely payment of every pledge truly matters.


What about the pews?

Although the vestry initially decided to hold off on replacing our old pews, some parishioners have voiced concern about installing our old pews in a newly-renovated Nave. So far, $80,000 has been raised of the $125,000 we need to buy new pews. To make an extra donation toward this effort for new pews, please contact the church office or the Sr. Warden, Mike Murphy: 901-870-2850, . We must order the pews soon for them to be ready to install when the Nave is finished.

A sample pew seat is on display in the lobby between Cheney Parish Hall and the Vaughan Welcome Center if you’d like to try it out!


What’s going on with the organ?

Pipe organs behave more like living organisms than machines; they are very sensitive to temperature and dust. We are going to repair the organ after construction, but do not currently have the funds to make long-term investments in it. Parishioners who would like to make gifts to support music ministry at Holy Communion might consider investing in the pipe organ.


How will acolytes and Eucharistic Ministers find their way in the renovated Nave?

The Reverend Jonathan Chesney is going work with our lay leaders to get all of our customaries updated and to offer training sessions this spring.


Can I take a tour of the Nave to see construction progress?

Safety is a top priority for Holy Communion. At the present time, it is not safe for us to host group tours of the Nave. Please visit our Facebook page for regular photo updates on construction.

Posted by The Reverend Sandy Webb at 8:41 AM
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