What is the Vestry?   

The Vestry is the governing board of the parish and consists of the rector, the wardens and lay members. The Vestry at Holy Communion currently has 15 members. Each year at the annual parish meeting, the congregation elects new members for three-year terms. Once in place, the Vestry annually selects a senior warden and a junior warden. 

 The rector presides at meetings of the Vestry, which handles the parish’s business and temporal matters. As its primary responsibility, the Vestry oversees the parish’s financial health. In partnership with the rector, it develops and approves the annual parish budget. Additionally, the Vestry serves as a council of advice for the rector. The rector, by church law, is the parish’s chief liturgical and pastoral officer. The Vestry meets on the fourth Tuesday at 5:45 in Room 308.   

Mike Murphy, Senior Warden
Marlene Rutledge Shaw,  Junior Warden
Jack Straton, Treasurer
Richard Williamson, Clerk     

Terms expire January 2020: Debbie Campbell, Tim McCormack, Anne-Morgan Morgan, Mike Murphy, Cava Sittnick 

Terms expire January 2021: Mike Driscoll, Dale Jones, Tracy Killen, Marlene Rutledge Shaw and Richard Williamson.

Terms expire January 2022: Ellie Bakelaar, Tricia Dewey, Stephen Maury, Evelyn McGahey and Anna Rojas.

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