Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests are received from our church members, as well as from folks who ask for prayer from all over the world. Prayer requests can be made in several ways: by calling the church office, e-mail, or pew card. Here are some other important things to know about prayer requests:                                                   

 There is a printed list on the bulletin board outside the parish office. This list is changed each week when prayer concerns are printed for the Sunday bulletins. 

When you give us your prayer concerns, they will be listed in the Sunday bulletin for one week. We can continue to list and pray for your concern for six weeks, but only if you request it. To assist us in maintaining confidentiality, please use first names only, except for those who have died. Please give locations for the hospitalized, so that, if you desire, we can find and visit your loved ones.   

For all questions and concerns about the prayer list, contact the church office, 767-6987. 

 To submit a prayer request, call the church and include the following information:

*Name of person in need:
Hospital (if applicable):
*Email address:
 Requested by:
 *Prayer needed:


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