Canon Davis finds convention discourse vigorous, respectful

From General Convention
Day 6 July 10, 2018
Dear sisters and brothers:
This is my seventh General Convention and I am honored to once again serve occasionally as a deputy. Gary Meade is taking a much-deserved afternoon off from the floor of convention, and I am attempting to channel Gary’s wisdom and good judgment.
In 2009, I attended my last General Convention as a deputy from the Diocese of Mississippi, which had been my Episcopal home for 37 years after my confirmation. That particular convention and the four before it were among the most eventful and sometimes contentious.  Arising from those five General Conventions a number of dioceses tried to withdraw from the Episcopal Church.  

Over the last several years, most, if not all of the subsequent court cases arising from those attempts have been resolved. Healing and reconciliation continues across the church in those and many other dioceses following what many have experienced as a time of divisiveness and abuse.
I am pleased to report that the decorum of the 79th General Convention has been exemplary and that the debates, often passionate and based on divergent world views, have been vigorous and respectful! I remain hopeful!
As an elected alternate deputy of the Diocese of West Tennessee and as a member of the House of Deputies Resolution Review Committee, I have been alternating between sitting in the alternates’ section of the House of Deputies and being available as resolutions arise for review. In contrast to the work of the other Legislative Committees of General Convention, who can only meet during General Convention, the HDRRC began its work several months ago. Any resolution considered by General Convention must go through a rigorous review by many gifted and experienced people. (I don’t count myself as one of them.) Each legislative committee has a subcommittee from the Review Committee available for advisory assistance during the entirety of General Convention and as the perfecting process advances. The officers of the Review Committee spend most of their days in front of computers making the required reports as Legislative Committee are simultaneously holding open hearings and closed sessions. Before a resolution is considered by the House of Deputies, significant time and energy is expended, and nothing is dismissed until this work is completed.
I urge each of you to visit the website of the Diocese at to see the daily reports of Bishop Johnson and the Diocesan Deputies and Alternates, the link to the Media Hub of General Convention (live and archived streaming of various events are available) and the daily schedule. As the final report of the Acts of General Convention are available, they will be posted. More legislative info is available at
The Reverend Canon Chip Davis
Posted by Jane Roberts at 3:44 PM
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