In the past, the church cemetery was an integral part of the life of a parish. But with increased urbanization and space limitations, large church cemeteries are no longer practical. To offer a modern equivalent, Church of the Holy Communion has developed a memorial garden and columbarium on the north side of the parish property. 

Urns can be interred in the columbarium's brick walls or the ashes can be placed directly in the ground in the garden. In addition, there are various opportunities for gifts or memorials. 

Funeral Planning            

By making Church of the Holy Communion aware of the death of immediately, a clergyperson can work with the family to quickly secure a date and time for burial arrangements. It is important to not make any funeral plans before consulting with the clergy to avoid schedule conflicts. So we might care more intentionally for your family, friends or loved ones, the church has an form to help you plan in advance for burial. Once you fill it out, it is kept in the church office. Questions include: Where you would like the service to take place, what lessons or hymns you'd prefer and how you would like memorials to be designated. If you would like to update an existing form or complete a new one, contact the church office. Better yet, arrange a planning consultation with a member of the clergy. 


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