A Message from the Rector: Unauthorized Bank Transactions

Dear Friends,


Over the last few days, Church of the Holy Communion has received reports of unauthorized bank transactions being made in the church’s name. As of this writing, none of the reports have come from people who are known to be affiliated with our parish in any way.


We investigated this matter promptly and thoroughly. Our bank has confirmed that there have not been unusual transactions of any kind in any of our accounts. Further, our network administrators have confirmed that our networks and data remain secure. We suspect that someone is committing acts of fraud while pretending to be Church of the Holy Communion.


Let me underscore this important point: Church of the Holy Communion is not aware of any suspicious activity in any of our financial accounts, nor are we aware of any intrusion into our networks or databases.


We encourage anyone who has been a victim of this scam to report the fraud to their bank immediately. We will be filing a report with federal law enforcement later today.


I wish that I could say this is the only scam that has targeted Episcopalians in Memphis recently, but is not. We all need to be careful users of the internet and vigilant guardians of our private information. Here are a few tips that may help you identify potential scams:


  1. Church of the Holy Communion will never ask you to send donations to any place other than the parish office.
  2. Church of the Holy Communion will only ever write to you from an official, church-owned E-mail address.
  3. Church of the Holy Communion proofreads its correspondence carefully; typographical and spelling errors are unusual for us.
  4. Church of the Holy Communion aims to communicate in a consistent way. Be wary of messages that seem unusual to you.


Jesus says in his Sermon on the Mount, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be children of your Father in heaven…” This is just the sort of situation that he had in mind. Wherever you may be as you read this message, please pause and say a prayer for those who would defraud others in the name of the church. Please pray that the brokenness of our world will soon be healed.


I am available to speak with anyone who has questions or concerns about this unfortunate situation.


Yours in faith,


The Reverend Sandy Webb

Posted by The Reverend Sandy Webb at Aug 30, 2021