Sandy Will Lecture on River Cruise Ship

The Reverend Sandy Webb has been invited to be a guest lecturer for a company that has been arranging inspiring travel for Christians since 1974.

In October 2020, Sandy will be the lecturer on a cruise that will sail from Paris to Normandy and back. The nine-day trip includes the beaches of Normandy, Claude Monet's home in Vernon and the last home of Vincent van Gogh, Auberge Ravoux. The cruise is on AmaWaterways.

“I will give four lectures while we are underway. They will focus on theology and the religious aspect of the sites we are seeing, including the American cemetery at Normandy,” Sandy said.

“This is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and 75 years ago, it was a war zone.”

Rebirth is quintessentially a Christian and Easter theme, and at least one lecture will focus on the power of life over death, he said.

The lectures are taking shape in Sandy’s mind now, including the one for the day the group sees the Monet house. 

“I want to talk about who we co-create with God. Does God invite us to create or do we create through God?”

The tours are coordinated through EO Tours. The company creates dozens of trips a year around themes such as mission, Holy Land, heritage sites, Oberammergau Passion Play, Journeys of Paul and others.

 The Reverend Donald Fishburne works for EO Tours and connected them with Sandy. Fishburne, retired rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Chattanooga, was Sandy’s professional coach when he arrived in Memphis. 

He has also done consulting work with Holy Communion's vestry.

The Reverend Fishburne contracts with American Waterways Operators.

“We invited Sandy in particular because he is a gifted teacher, a person and priest of deep faith, a gracious host and pastor to friend and stranger alike,” Fishbourne said. “When considering clergy and lay leaders for lecturers, we look for people with at least some of these qualities.” 

For details about the trip, go to Be sure to register with Holy Communion’s group ID: 59473.

Posted by Beth Mitchell at Jul 8, 2019