Our Vestry

What is the Vestry?

The Vestry is the governing board of the parish and consists of the rector, the wardens, and lay members. The Vestry at Holy Communion currently has 15 members. Each year at the annual parish meeting, the congregation elects new members for three-year terms. Once in place, the Vestry annually elects its officers: The senior warden, the junior warden, a clerk, and a treasurer. The treasurer typically serves three one-year terms in succession, with an assistant treasurer being elected in the final year for purposes of transition and training.

The rector presides at meetings of the Vestry, which handles the parish’s business and strategic matters. In partnership with the rector, the Vestry develops and approves the annual parish budget. The Vestry also sets the parish’s strategic priorities and evaluates progress towards those goals.

Additionally, the Vestry serves as a council of advice for the rector. The rector, by church law, is the parish’s chief liturgical and pastoral officer. The Vestry meets at 5:45 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of every month in January through October and on the third Tuesday of the month in November and December.

Current Vestry Members

Richard Williamson, Senior Warden

Bradley Fogelman, Junior Warden

Shannon Mattern, Clerk

Michael Faber, Treasurer

Jack Nelson, Officer for Sustainability

Terms expire January 2024: Thomas Carlisle, Bradley Fogelman, Barton Lynch, Jack Nelson, Romaine Scott

Terms expire January 2025: Tay Chafin, Janice Hall, Lisa Holt, Shannon Mattern, Richard Williamson

Terms expire January 2026: Joel Chapman, Eleanor Jordan, Kim Jussely, Steven Quach, Ken Roberts

  • Thomas Carlisle

  • Tay Chafin

  • Michael Faber

  • Bradley Fogelman

  • Janice Hall

  • Lisa Holt

  • Barton Lynch

  • Shannon Mattern

  • Jack Nelson

  • Romaine Scott

  • Richard Williamson