Prayer Requests

Making a Prayer Request

One major part of the Church’s ministry is to uplift the needs and thanksgivings of God’s people in prayer. Anyone may solicit a prayer request from the Church. A prayer request can be for yourself, a family member or friend in need, for someone who has died, or for any other reason. Thanksgivings for new births, prayers for military or first responder service, and prayers for the dead are also common requests.

Intercessions are listed in the Sunday bulletin for the prayers of the faithful, prayed out loud during the mid-week service, held in the clergy’s private devotions, and lifted up by the healing ministry team in their regular prayer.

The primary way to make a request currently is to email the associate rector for pastoral care, the Rev. Jonathan Chesney at You may also call the parish office at (901) 767-6987 to make your request and this information will be forwarded to the clergy.

Prayer requests will be kept on the prayer list and included in the bulletin for four weeks and will then be rotated off, in order to keep the list manageable, but requesting again is encouraged as needed. For serious matters, you may request that they remain on the list for long-term prayer, until you ask to have them removed.

Please share the following details for each prayer request:

  • Name of person in need.
  • Any applicable details for the clergy to know.
  • Requested by and contact details if further follow up requested.