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Church of the Holy Communion’s Recreation & Wellness Ministry provides sports, wellness & recreation activities in a Christ-centered environment.  Our program ministry is committed to offering a fun, welcoming environment that encourages a healthy and active lifestyle for all ages through team sports and fitness classes.  We welcome participation from all in the community. 

Our athletic teams participate in church recreation leagues where we honor Christ through prayer, healthy competition and sportsmanship.  Our coaches are committed to helping children and youth improve skills, learn fundamentals, teamwork and sportsmanship. Each team is a small group where players and families develop friendships throughout the season as each enjoy playing or watching games. 

Please contact Julie Fike, Director of Recreation & Wellness, with any questions. 


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Church of the Holy Communion offers Basketball, Spring & Fall Soccer, Kickball, Volleyball, Summer Conditioning and Baseball/Softball/T-ball programs, visit the Youth Sports page or go to each individual sport's page. 

  Youth sports


Holy Communion has two large Wellness rooms for group fitness classes and offers a  year-round calendar of classes. Tai Chi, All-Levels Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Intermediate Yoga, Zumba and Outdoor FIT4MOM classes have resumed.  Sunday, July 4 and Monday,July 5, we will not have any wellness activities.

 wellness class information and registration links  


Marietta Haaga offers personal training in our Wellness Rooms.   For more information or to schedule a personal training session, contact Marietta at

Moving in Faith: Endurance

This is a perfect week for me to write the blog.  The theme is endurance – something I have not been familiar with for over 30 years when it comes to exercising.  When the pandemic hit, I was immediately in isolation.  Except for my blood type, I could check off every box for not surviving if I contracted the virus.  Anxiety, fear, and depression quickly took over my life.  The feelings I had were very unfamiliar.  I spoke to God, and he listened. ... Read More
Posted by Julie Fike at Monday, July 6, 2020

Moving in Faith: Cava's Journey

I am a bicyclist.  It is my stress reliever. I am also a good cook, which may also be part of the reason why I bike 18.5 miles almost every day.  There are a lot of positives to biking.  First and foremost: when you bike, you make your own breeze.  In the heat and humidity that we have here in Memphis, this is important!  Secondly, biking gets you away from your phone and computer. No distractions. No interruptions.   I bike the Green Line into Shelby... Read More
Posted by Julie Fike at Sunday, June 28, 2020

Moving In Faith: Emily's Journey

Read More
Posted by Emily Austin at Monday, June 22, 2020

Moving in Faith: Robert Propst

Why I chose to participate: I’m a full-on introvert.  I always max out that category on personality tests.  I need an adequate amount of “alone time” to function well.  So, you would think a forced period of isolation would be a great gift to me.  Well, you can get too much of a good thing.  I like cake but I don’t want to eat a whole cake.  What I’ve learned these past three months of confinement is that, while I do cherish my... Read More
Posted by Julie Fike at Sunday, June 14, 2020

Moving in Faith: Julie Fike

This is the second week of our Moving In Faith journey.   Holy Communion has 50 team members so far and we welcome anyone else that wants to join in.   Holy Communion, Grace-St. Luke’s, Saint Johns Episcopal, Second Baptist, Christ UMC, St. George’s Episcopal and Germantown UMC are competing with one another for the most points earned through any type of exercise.    Reason for the challenge? To motivate us all to get moving and stay as healthy as... Read More
Posted by Julie Fike at Monday, June 8, 2020

Moving in Faith: Connie Cruthirds

Today, Holy Communion and five Memphis congregations begin a six-week journey called “Moving in Faith”. The hope is “that we nurture our faith as we energize one another to work towards a healthier body, mind and spirit”. Each week, a team member will share a bit of their story and why they chose to participate. Here’s my why: Two years ago, thanks to the encouragement of our ministers, I went to the West Virginia Institute for Spirituality for a week of... Read More
Posted by Julie Fike at Monday, June 1, 2020

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