Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals


Church of the Holy Communion is honored to walk with people on their journeys towards marriage. Holy Communion hosts weddings for its members and affiliates, the adult children of its members and affiliates, and the alumnae of St. Mary’s Episcopal School. In exceptional circumstances, the Rector may allow other persons to marry at Holy Communion.

Requests for marriage ceremonies should be sent to the Rector through the Director of Operations. Once a wedding has been scheduled, the Rector will assign a priest, a musician, and a wedding coordinator to guide the couple through the planning process. Information about Holy Communion’s comprehensive wedding fee will also be provided at that time.

The Canons of the Episcopal Church require that all couples complete a course of premarital conversations with the officiating priest or with a professional counselor approved by the officiating priest. Review and approval by the Bishop are required if a divorced person with a living ex-spouse seeks to re-marry in the Episcopal Church.

Please contact Mary Beth Darrow  (901) 767-6987 for more information. 


Holy Baptism is one of life’s most important decisions and joyous occasions. It is also a time for prayer, planning, preparation, and growth. The clergy of Church of the Holy Communion want this special occasion to be meaningful. Wherever you are on your own spiritual path, we want to be there to walk beside you. And as your children embark on their faith journeys, we want to provide them a nurturing place to explore their relationship with God.  

If you have been baptized in another Christian denomination, we will recognize you as a baptized member. Simply let us know the denomination and date of your baptism.

Baptisms are normally celebrated on Sunday mornings on the Feast of the Baptism of Christ (early January), Easter Vigil or Easter Day, the Day of Pentecost, Confirmation and Bishop’s Visitation (as scheduled), All Saints’ Sunday (early November), and a summer Sunday in either July or August.

For more information on baptisms, please contact  Mary Beth Darrow  (901) 767-6987.

Funeral Planning

By making Church of the Holy Communion aware of the death of a loved one immediately, one of our Clergy can work with the family to quickly secure a date and time for burial arrangements. It is important not to make any funeral plans before consulting with the clergy in order to avoid schedule conflicts.

To care more intentionally for your family, friends, or loved ones, the church has a form to help you plan in advance for burial. Once you fill it out, it is kept in the church office. Questions include: Where you would like the service to take place, what lessons or hymns you’d prefer, and how you would like memorials to be designated. If you would like to update an existing form or complete a new one, contact the church office at (901) 767-6987. You may also arrange a planning consultation with a member of the clergy.

Memorial Garden

In the past, the church cemetery was an integral part of the life of a parish. But with increased urbanizationand space limitations, large church cemeteries are no longer practical. To offer a modern equivalent, Church of the Holy Communion has developed a memorial garden and columbarium on the north side of the parish property.

Urns can be interred in the columbarium’s brick walls or the ashes can be placed directly in the ground in the garden. In addition, there are various opportunities for gifts or memorials. Contact Mary Beth Darrow  (901) 767-6987 for more information.