Worship Ministries


Acolytes grow spiritually in the church by actively assisting in the worship of God during the Sunday services and at other special services. Acolytes perform a variety of duties, including carrying the cross in procession (crucifer), carrying the torches (torch bearer) and carrying banners on occasion (banner bearer). They also assist the celebrant in preparing the altar for the Eucharist (server/clergy crucifer). All youth from middle school through high school are encouraged to serve as acolytes. Acolytes are trained by the Acolyte mentor and serve about once every four or five weeks.  For more information contact Barton Lynch.


Altar Flowers

Each week, the beautiful flowers at the altar are given in memory of departed family members or in honor of friends or family members. Many choose to give flowers in recognition or thanksgiving for some special occasion in their life. The flowers can be given for $125. After Sunday morning, the bouquets are moved to the chapel for our daily services throughout the week or re-arranged for people on the pastoral care list. To give flowers, please contact Anna Rojas

Another opportunity to honor a loved one is to donate the Aumbry candle. It burns continuously, signifying the sacramental presence of Christ in the church. The Aumbry candle can be given in someone's honor or memory for $20. To make a gift in memory or in honor of someone, please call (901) 767-6987 for available dates. 


Altar Guild

Altar Guild provides an opportunity for women, men, and youth to practice behind-the-scenes hospitality through preparation of the space where God’s people gather for worship. This prayerful fellowship time includes putting worship resources in place and cleaning communion vessels. Members meet whenever their weekly team is on duty and seasonally to support liturgies.  Contact Milton Rogers.


Floral Festival Ministry 

This group plans, procures, and arranges special altar and chancel decorations for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Palm Sunday, and Easter. Donations given in memory of or in honor of individuals for Christmas/Easter music and flowers are acknowledged in the service bulletin. Contact:  Barton Lynch or Vance Lewis.


Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers & Eucharistic Visitors

During each celebration of the Holy Eucharist, laypersons are involved in various roles around the altar. The roles include lector, eucharistic minister, eucharistic visitors, in addition to occasional others.

  • A lector reads lessons from Scripture during the service.
  • A eucharistic minister assists in communing the people with consecratedbread and wine.
  • A eucharistic visitor takes Holy Communion after corporate worship to those too ill or too weak to attend worship. 

Contact Mike Murphy for more information on Lectors.  

Contact Bill Falvey for more information on Eucharistic ministers.




An usher is often the first person to welcome a guest at Church of the Holy Communion on Sunday – and is our opportunity to make a good impression. We welcome your participation in this important ministry. Please fill out a pew card to note your desire to become an usher. Contact: Andy Malmo.